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Site Setup and Stockpiling

Wrights of Twycross take pride in making sure that minimal impact to the field is undertaken when delivering to each site.

The first stage of our site set ups starts with a site visit by our Field Liaison Officer who will discuss any customer requirements on where stockpiles can be situated in order to minimise its impact.

The second stage of our site set up is access into the field. We implement a trackway system, which our board Lorries will set up utilising their Hiab system minimising any risk involved with setting sites up. These boards will reduce compaction that occurs with the delivery whatever the weather.

The final stage of our site set up is the machine, once this is dropped off, our trained operator will mark out their work area, only working within this area to eliminate any damage to further cropped area. The stockpile is finished off in order to stop any capture of water and ground saturation.